Frequently Asked Questions

This is a website created with a goal to raise £1M in donations for the NHS (Britain’s National Health Service). You are not just making a donation but you are also buying a pixel area on a big homepage image where you can put a tiny picture and a link to your website.

In April 2020 I decided to try to help the NHS because it is under huge pressure because of the COVID pandemic. My idea was to make donations to the NHS fun, and I liked the idea of, which was a huge success back in 2005.
I registered a non-profit company HELP LEVER LIMITED and started building a website with my friends. That was a challenging project from both technical and organizational perspectives, but eventually, I made it live.

My name is Alex Filatov and I am a software engineer with 20+ years of experience. I moved to the UK in 2017 to work with Syft from Ukraine. I am a husband and father, also the founder of, the eCommerce chatbot platform, and also - the best currency exchange application in Ukraine. Here I am on LinkedIn

We, as a HELP LEVER LIMITED company, partnered with NHS Charities Together (Registered Charity No 1186569) to be our Charity services provider, so all proceedings will be sent to NHS Charities Together.

NHS Charities Together is the umbrella organisation for the country’s NHS charities and is the official national charity partner of the NHS with more than 170 NHS Charity members. NHS charities are the legal way the NHS receives, holds, and spends charitable funds and are dedicated to supporting the NHS. They exist for the benefit of current and future NHS patients. NHS Charities Together is the national membership organisation that individual charities belong to.

This is a fun way to make something good! You can donate £100 to a charity but here on "Million Pixels Charity" you can buy yourself a place in UK Internet History and be a good example for others.

The idea of selling pixels from the homepage is not new. Back in 2005, Alex Tew created to pay for his education and that was a very successful project - all the pixels were sold out in 4 months! I strongly believe this idea will help to raise £1,000,000 for the NHS. While Alex Tew certainly deserved to raise money for his education with this fine idea -- and he ultimately gave donated some of his earnings to The Prince's Trust -- the NHS is deeply deserving of your support and, yes, your money.

This is the living monument of the Million Dollar Homepage site. The final remaining 1,000 pixels were sold in an auction for $38,000.

I just want to make change for the better in this world. I believe my software engineering skill can be of help. I grew up in Ukraine, where health care is a mess; now I have moved with my family to a country where healthcare is much better and I feel like I can give back in a meaningful way by volunteering my programming skills to support the NHS.

The NHS is the envy of nations worldwide. Health care in this country is amazing, even though you might have some quibbles. The NHS deserves all of our support. Believe me -- my colleagues at my side hustle ClearHealthCosts in the United States wish that their country had something like the NHS.

Fun fact: Capt. Tom Moore, 99 years old, a veteran of the British services who uses a walker, pledged a few months ago to complete a 100-lap garden challenge fundraiser for the NHS at his home in Marston Moretaine, Bedfordshire.  He said he was doing it "for the sake of the nurses and the NHS".

“Every penny that we get, they [the NHS] deserve,” he said, as the total exceeded £5m, in a story from the BBC. “By 17 April, it had topped £17m as he completed his 100 laps ahead of schedule, declaring: “I never dreamt I would be involved in such an occasion as this.” His fundraising ultimately reached £32,794,701 before it closed. We’re offering you a similar opportunity to help the heroes and heroines at the NHS.

First, please select a pixel block on the homepage here and buy it. After that, you can upload a tiny picture and add a link to your website or LinkedIn profile. When you are done with this - please share it with your friends!