How it works

We created this website to raise £1M and support NHS Charities Together. We offer 1,000,000 pixels for £1 per pixel for you to buy. You can buy 10x10px pixels blocks, add an image and link to your website.

01. Log in

Simply login using Facebook, Google, Twitter or by creating an account with your email and a password. We store your email address for login purposes only, to send you password reset email or emails related to your order. We will never send you any unwanted emails.

02. Select pixel blocks

When you log in, you can select pixels directly from the grid. Pixels that have already sold will not be able for selection.
When you are done selecting your pixels, click the Donate button

03. Create order and pay

The order page will contain a preview of your pixel blocks and a button to pay with Stripe.
We use Stripe because it is reliable, secure and accepts all major payment cards along with Apple/Google Pay.

04. Customize pixel blocks

After your payment is processed, you will receive an email with your order details and link to the page where you can customize your pixel blocks, add images and link to your website!